Vermonters for Justice in Palestine

Ben & Jerry’s Out of Israel’s Illegal Settlements

Stay Informed about Israel-Palestine
and Join the BDS Movement

To join the BDS Movement in Vermont, contact:
Vermonters for Justice in Palestine

For comprehensive, up-to-date information on the BDS Movement in the United States and internationally, and to access resources for activists, go to:
VTJP Boycott page

For a comprehensive list of organizations in the United States and worldwide news organizations and NGOs reporting on Israel resisting Israeli occupation and settlements, go to: VTJP Links: organizations and News

International Law and Legal Analysis of Israel’s Occupation and Settlements:
The Russell Tribunal on Palestine
International Court of Justice: July 2004 General List Case No. 131: “Legal Consequences Of The Construction Of A Wall In The Occupied Palestinian Territory”

United Nations Security Council Resolution 242
List of other United Nations resolutions concerning Israel and Palestine
The Fourth Geneva Conventions of 1949
South African Academic Study by the Human Services Research Council: HSRC in South
Africa finds that Israel is practicing apartheid and colonialism in the Occupied Palestinian Territories